Do children need Probiotic Sufficiency™?

Yes! Before birth a baby’s gut is sterile and the immune system immature. The gut microflora of a baby begins to develop at birth and breast-feeding continues this development. If formula is being used (please take the time to investigate organic high-quality formula that does not contain unhealthy ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup) Probiotic Sufficiency™ can be added to the formula. When solid foods are introduced you can begin to include probiotic supplementation after the meal. By the age of two or three most children have a fairly stable intestinal balance. As is the case for adults, any stressor such as antibiotics or illness can seriously alter this balance.

Children should consume ½ capsule per 40 lbs of body weight. Capsules can be taken as is or broken, emptied into a drink and then consumed at the end of a meal. Once the capsule is broken open consume the probiotic immediately.