How do I store Probiotic Sufficiency™?

Probiotics are deanimated living organisms and are reanimated with moisture. For this reason they need to be kept in a moisture-free environment and away from higher temperatures and humidity. We want you to receive the maximum number of beneficial bacteria possible. In order to achieve this we do two very important things. First we actually put 19 billion organisms in each capsule rather than the 15 billion on our label claim. Second, we store the product in a refrigerated warehouse to ensure minimal degradation of the bacteria. During the summer months we express ship on Monday’s and Tuesday’s only to ensure that you receive your product with minimal exposure to heat and humidity. The combination of putting extra organisms in each capsule, storing the product in a refrigerated warehouse facility, and express shipping during the summer months ensures that you receive the minimum of 15 billion live cells per capsule.

Once you receive your order, immediately store it in the refrigerator or freezer. Storing in the freezer maximizes shelf life but refrigerator storage is sufficient to meet the shelf life stamped on your bottle.

The product will not spoil and is always safe to take. Heat and humidity may reduce the full potency of the product but it will not make it unsafe. Should you need to travel, simply take the required number of capsules with you. Our manufacturer’s research shows that there are only very minimal losses without refrigeration for periods of time up to one week.