Why is supplementation with Probiotic Sufficiency essential for Everybody – Everyday - For Life!™?

Having the proper probiotic bacteria in your digestive system is essential for your health and wellbeing and being deficient can lead to severe health problems. Ingesting adequate amounts (dietary sufficiency) is necessary for the proper function of the digestive and immune systems and thus for overall health and protection from illness. Current research indicates that the North American (Industrial) diet is DANGEROUSLY DEFICIENT in probiotic bacteria and this deficiency is implicated as a causal factor in alarming numbers of preventable illnesses from infancy to old age.1

The normal method for the ingestion of probiotics begins with a vaginal birth and breast-feeding. Human milk is an incredibly important factor in the initiation, development and composition of the newborn gut microflora. Research also indicates that antibiotics create an abnormal bacterial population within the intestines. Since many babies are now born by Caesarian section, few are being breastfed for a full two years and the vast majority are being given antibiotics, a large number of the population is starting life dangerously deficient in probiotics.

Beyond infancy we have literally NO CHANCE to build up appropriate levels of probiotics since we now consume one-millionth of the healthy probiotic bacteria that we did before pesticides, herbicides, and industrial farming.1 Furthermore, much of our healthy bacteria are destroyed by eating sugars, grains, and by consuming alcohol, antibiotics, and other prescription drugs. These facts clearly indicate that the only way to consume adequate amounts of probiotic healthy bacteria is through supplementation.

DAILY supplementation is no longer an option, It is a necessity FOR HEALTH – FOR LIFE!


1. Bengmark, S. M.D. Ph.D. 1998. Immunonutrition: Role of biosurfactants, fiber, and probiotic bacteria. Nutrition. 14:585-594.