Lori Bowden
Two Time Ironman Triathlon World Champion
and Hall of Fame Athlete

"No parent, child or athelete can perform their best without these essential nutrients"




We recently received an email with an attached video from one of our Innate Choice clan in Australia and after viewing it we knew we just had to share it. We have received permission to do so and now enthusiastically share this with you and invite you to share it with others.

Hi Dr. Chestnut,

Here's the story about our daughter Dakota and the Omega Sufficiency fish oil. One day while cooking in the kitchen, I opened the door to the fridge and my daughter, Dakota, tried to get inside to pull out some food. I told her "no" and before I could close the door she grabbed her bottle of fish oil in protest and hung onto it for dear life. It was the only thing she figured she could have and didn't want to be told no! Dakota loves the fish oil and takes it every morning with her Papa. We are sure other kids will like it too!

Sincerely, Robyn Sabo

I was at your Edmonton Wellness Seminar. I was impressed with what I heard, so I bought a bottle of your Omega Sufficiency. I am a bit of a skeptic so I tested it out myself. The product was amazingly easy to take. I could not believe the suggestion on the brochure that you could use it as a salad dressing, but you were correct. Normally I use capsules because of my gag reflex taking other fish oils. The other aspect I loved about your product is that I did not have it repeating back at me, and that was with no digestive enyzmes. I had taken other products with digestive enzymes and I still had problems with it repeating. I am definitely going to recommend it to my patients. I look forward to other quality products that you producing.

Teresa Fujimoto

Dr. Chestnut,

Just wanted to write and give you a little testimonial already on the amazing results we've seen using your new Omega Sufficiencey Fish Oils. A little girl name Sara was referred to me because one of my other parents (whose daughters have been patients for several months) because she had noticed that she had very bad eczema at a girl scout meeting they were all at. She told her mom about how much chiropractic had helped her girls and insisted she call me. When Sara came into the office, she had horrible eczema that was bleeding on both arms and legs around her joints. We adjusted her and started her on some Flax Oil and she got pretty good changes. But the eczema never really totally cleared up, it would just move from her arms and legs to the trunk of her body and then back to her arms. This went on for several weeks. As soon as your oils came out I switched her off of the flax oil and put her on your Omega Sufficiency fish oils. Three days after she had started on the new oils she came back into the office to pick up a note for school and I didn't even recognize her! Her skin was completely clear! So just a note to let you know we've been recommending the oils and are getting great changes with them. Thanks for all you do.

Sincerely, Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton

Hey Dr Chestnut,

I hope all is well, just a quick note to let you know how much that last seminar really changed or families health.  I am beginning to “Pimp” myself out, I have lost 30 pounds since the end of January and my wife has lost almost 25.  Just eating like cavemen.  Also your Innate omegas rock, our 3 year old asks for more right off of the spoon.

I look forward to seeing you this summer back in RI.

Thanks for everything

Chris  Black

Dr Chestnut

Hope all is well. Some fantastic news. I have a young mother that has been under my care for about a month. She came to our Wellness Nutrition Class. After the class she mentioned that her 2yr old boy is speech delayed; could Omega Sufficiency help? She started him on Wed July 20th, and by Sat was saying "daddy" and counting.

James, you have added value to my life by your teaching, and by educating patients, we are adding value to others.

Your awesome.


Hi Dr. Chestnut!

As promised from the WLP seminar in DC, here is a little true story I'd like to share! A father brought his 12 year old son to my office because he was diagnosed with ADHD, and of course had been taking all the "recommended meds" to 'treat' this "disease" for about a year and a half. After you had e-mailed me saying to eliminate all deficiency and toxicity and substitute that with sufficiency and purity which included adjustments, Omega Sufficiency Oil, and other proprioceptive activities and"don't take no for an answer", I began helping this kid. Within 4 weeks, he was completely off ALL medications, AND his parents said he is more respectful, able to focus, and is happier than they can remember in years! Health is automatic when sufficiency and purity is present. Thanks for being such a great colleague!

Respectfully, Greg Ramboer, DC