1 What is vitamin D? View
2 What is the role of vitamin D in the human body? View
3 Why is vitamin D genetically required for wellness and prevention in humans? View
4 Why is vitamin D required by Everybody – Everyday – For Life™? View
5 Can Vitamin D deficiency lead to serious illness? View
6 What are the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency? View
7 What diseases are associated with Vit D deficiency? View
8 What are the sources of vitamin D? How do we get sufficient amounts? View
9 What are other food sources of vitamin D? View
10 Why is there an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency? View
11 How much vitamin D do I need? View
12 If the Vitamin D is made from lanolin, where does the lanolin come from? View
13 Why did Innate Choice choose to use Organic Olive Oil? View
14 Is D-Sufficiency safe for my whole family? View
15 What about vitamin D toxicity? View
16 What is the ideal blood level of 25 hydroxy vitamin D? View
17 Does Innate Choice® D-Sufficiency™ need to be refrigerated? View
18 What is the expected shelf life of D-Sufficiency™ drops? View
19 Why choose Innate Choice® Vitamin D? View
20 Can I take just cod liver oil to get my vitamin D? View